Friday, January 15, 2010

Arnold's Last Yodel - Readers' Comments -

Arnold's Last Yodel - Readers' Comments - "Many posters made excellent points, especially that he came into office preaching Reaganomics--which I humbly suggest is the most prevalent religion of white baby boomers. An entire generation came of age without ever knowing that schools and roads need to be built and maintained, that garbage does not magically disappear once you toss it, that pollution always ends up somewhere, or that the basis of civil society was more than low taxes and a loaded shotgun under your bed. Every year it becomes more evident that 'Morning In America' was not a rallying cry as much as it was an early death rattle, the initial morning hack cough of a smoker who refuses to acknowledge that maybe his habits just might kill him. The Governator was just one more in a long line of such individuals, and anyone old enough to remember him in 'Pumping Iron' will probably see, more than anything, one more in a long line of individuals who just need to have other people look at them." { background-color:blue; }


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