Things The Humor-Impaired Have Said To Me

Cyn wrote:
"As expected! No answer!
What do you think of communism?"

Chaidan wrote:
"I feel smart reading this post. I love big words. Yayyyy."

Cyn wrote:"And socialism? That's like Zoroastrianism too?
I haven't had the honor of being a member of any Tea Party movement, as I am Egyptian, and never even been to America. I live under the perverted, murderous, and disgusting ideology of socialism.

Cyn wrote:"Egypt is a Socialist oligarchy. Not just an oligarchy! And I am a FOX News viewer too."

Scarlett [who described herself as "warning: this user is sassy and sarcastic"] wrote:
"My apologies Cyn. I just deleted the asshole [hey, she's talking about me!] who posted the obnoxious remarks above. He's pushed me in the past and today he officially crossed the line. What a jerk. Thank you for always standing up for yourself and for what is right!"

Cyn wrote:"No worries dear! I'm used to people him everywhere I go! Thanks for supporting me though!  : )"

Best for last:TOP
Mark Adam wrote:
"Cyn, I applaud you.  And I hold deep respect for your individualism and strength.  I lived in Egypt for an extended time with my dear friend Scarlett, and was on front line with her, many times hand in hand in the streets, watching the treatment of women.  The Egyptian women were such a beautiful, thoughtful, intelligent group.  My prayers are that you and your countrywomen very soon receive the high respect you deserve - your birth right anywhere on earth.  I held my tongue many times in Egypt regarding politics.  I found Egypt simultaneously modern and archaic in their political and social beliefs.  As our wonderful Egyptian hosts did not judge Scarlett and me as being typical dronelike war-mongering Americans, please don't be swayed to judge men here based upon "Deadrodent" goofball's rhetoric.  We are all- Egyptian, American, and all others - individual, beautiful, intelligent, flawed, hopeful people in our souls.
Sometimes that doesn't make it past our mouths into speech.  But with your intelligence, patience, and character shown here, you'll be able to overcome even the most simple minded egomaniacal man-boy chauvenistic verbal vomitting displayed by Mr. Rodent.
I wish you strength and prosperity.  We can all learn from each other.
Peace and Positivity."

I take it all back.  This man has changed how I think: surely the most beautiful and hopeful  words in the world I have ever heard are: "I live under the I live under the perverted, murderous, and disgusting ideology of socialism."  Clearly this woman has the soul of a poet.

trencherbone has left a new comment on your post "Thousands Protest Ground Zero Mosque, Visit Ground...":

'Religious' tolerance?

The privileges of being classed as religion should be withdrawn from Islam.

If Hitler had claimed that 'Mein Kampf' was dictated by God, would we be forced to tolerate the Nazi Party as a religion? Islam is first and foremost a mind-destroying, totalitarian political ideology that spreads through the Body Politic like a virus.

Winston Churchill gave the correct diagnosis over a century ago, when he compared Islam to a contagious virus or meme - 'as dangerous in a man as rabies in a dog'

Consequently, Islam should be reclassified from 'RELIGION' to 'PUBLIC MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEM' - a virulent contagious mental illness. It could then be contained by the methods used to prevent the spread of typhoid and other lethal epidemics: enforced exclusion and quarantine of carriers, eradication of foci of infe
ction, immunization of the susceptible population etc. 

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