Tuesday, July 13, 2010

When You Can't Think Of Anything Else To Say....Cut The Deficit by special guest star David Brooks

Op-Ed Columnist - An Economy of Grinds - NYTimes.com

That's right.  Now as you all can tell, I am a simple, humble sort of fellow who would never presume to know much of anything at all.  But I can definitely tell you one thing because it is so perfectly obvious: There are two kinds of people.  Unless there are three kinds of people.  But we all know that there are two kinds of people.  Because some people are different from other people. 

And that is why we need to cut the deficit.  Because hey, even if you're homeless and unemployed and you can't get a dime in unemployment from the insurance plan you've been paying into known as the "U.S. Government" while billions are funneled to corrupt genocidal maniacs across the world (and their subcontractors)....well hey, at least you're living in the greatest country in the world! Yay!

Seriously, look at me--I just wrote a column about how the world has both extroverts and introverts and I was paid in cold hard Yankee dollars. If I can write a column and get paid for it, it's plain as high noon in the Mojave desert in July that anyone can have a column and get paid for it.  So that's my advice to the unemployed: Get off of your asses and write a column for a major newspaper or magazine or maybe even get a gig on Fox News. If I can do it, anyone can.

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