Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's Over, Maureen Dowd

Can the Dude Abide? - Readers' Comments -
"Sorry, but I can no longer stomach reading any more jibes from you..."

"Well Maureen, throw me under the bus too. I never thought that the average American would believe the death panel lies, support a political party that announced from day 2 of a President's new term that they wanted to see him fail, and not bother to cry out in protest when citizens were taking armed weapons to town hall meetings with their Congressmen/women! I now see that 50% of Americans are too stupid to realize or understand that they are currently paying the LOWEST taxes they've ever had to pay and yet demand that their uber wealthy 1% fellow citizens not have their taxes raised. Yup, cut those taxes even more and while you're at it, cut the deficit too that will only climb up while we support 2 wars the former President started and the tax cuts for the multi, multi, millionaires and corporations. Instead of calling these politicians on their lies and hypocrisy, the networks just gave them more media time.
Now those of us who have a brain are stunned to watch a Nazi impersonator, a former witch, a female wrestling groin kicker, a deranged desert racist, and a Medicare con-artist actually running for office and being taken seriously. Not only by the bumper sticker thinkers, but the media too.
Sorry, but I can no longer stomach reading any more jibes from you while you give these clowns a free pass on the eve of a crucial election that will determine whether or not we become a nation completely owned by corporations and closet PACs governed in name only by people who would fail with the first question on "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader" or a nation that values higher education, clean air and water, 21st century jobs, and compassion and support for its most vulnerable citizens."

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